Safety Window Film

Safety film is a clear high quality polyester (PET) film designed to make glass safer by enhancing the strength of glass. Tested to bring glass to BS6206 Class B standards and BS EN 12600 class 2B this film can be used as a minimum specification for window safety film by keeping shards of glass in place if a breakage occures. So apply clear or silver window safety film now to untreated glass with our polyester BS approved safety window films - for schools and workplaces concerned with ugrading glass with respect to personal glass impact. *Suitable for residential application.

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Glazing in the home is a risk to all especially children and if glass is NOT toughend laminated or has safety film applied then the potential dangers become all too apparent and greater with serious risks of injury or worse. Applying safety window film will quickly bring and upgrade glass to BS standards 6206 Class 1B and conforms to Building regulations 14 Document K. Legislation dictates that glass in certain location MUST meet the minimum specification that an application of safety window film will bring to your safety enhancement programme.

Available in a range of colours and grades based on performance requirements. Samples are available free of charge.

Require One-Way Vision and Protection? then by using the silver combination heat reduction version of either our 100 micron safety film OR a thicker 2 ply 175 security film valuable equipment or possessions can now be hidden from view ensuring they do not become a target for opportunistic criminals. You can even layer up clear security window film with silver 20 solar/privacy film which will give you all the benefits of security and heat reduction, privacy and oneway.

  • Basic single ply Safety 100 micron clear window film. BS6206 Class B. BS EN12600 Class 2B. ANSI Z97.1 Class B
  • 175 Safety & Security 2ply polyester film. BS6206 Class A. BS EN12600 Class 1B. ANSI Z97.1 Class A

Conservatory too hot? Is the harsh sunlight too unbearable? Is glare preventing or hindering work or reading?. The heat generated by the sun builds up through the day heating rooms and making them uncomfortable and often unusable.

Safety films also give up to 99% UV reduction so in essence it can be used to reduce fading of goods.
Installation: There is no need to remove glass as the film can be applied direct to the glass in the frame.

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