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  • 1. Goods provided by Shop 4 Window Films remain the property of Shop 4 Window Films until full payment has been received by us. Transactions and Payments to us for goods are subject to AVS/CVS and secure 3D whereby goods will be processed on successful cardholder/account information matching.
  • 2. We reserve the right to substitute products from our range with another product of equal or greater value without additional charge to the customer should the original product be unavailable.
  • 3. We reserve the right to provide products of greater size than those shown on our site without additional charge to the customer should the original product width be unavailable.
  • 4. We reserve the right to increase and decrease our prices at anytime.
  • 5. We reserve the right to inspect claims prior to any settlement being authorised.
  • 6. When purchasing a Window Film DIY kit the buyer agrees that the product and any installation quality is determined by their own ability. SHOP4WINDOWFILMS (the Company) can not be held responsible for defects or breakages resulting from poor installation. These include, but are not limited to, bubbling, visual impairment, scratches, glass breakage or cracking, dust and damage to surrounding fixtures and fittings, paintwork, personal injury and financial loss.
  • - We give NO guarantees for the materials, film matching when ordering and or any installation undertaken by the customer.
  • - Materials will have a warranty where applied by the manufacturer where stated.
  • 7. The despatching of product will be within the delivery timescale as notified upon successful clearing of the payment details. The company can not be held responsible for late deliveries due to unforeseen events outside the control of the Company.
  • 8. It is the responsibility of the buyer to ensure that all local planning rules are complied with before installing any products. In general the use of window films and vinyls do not fall under planning laws however there are some areas where historic/heritage rules can apply. It is also recommended that Landlords be advised of the proposed installation prior to commencement. Again there are generally no restrictions however some Landlords may reserve the right to request removal of any product that changes the appearance of their building.
  • 9. The Company does not guarantee that the use of safety/security products will prevent injury or criminal access. The films when applied professionally do comply with the Health & Safety Regulation 14 and Building Regulations Document N however self application does not qualify the glass to these regulations. The film is tested to BS6206/EN12600 which categorises the performance of the film and from these tests it can be concluded that safety /security film does increase protection against injury but does not necessarily eliminate injury. Similarly the performance of safety/security films can increase the time and effort required to break through glass but does not prevent access by determined attackers.
  • 10. When using Window Film on vehicles it is the law that no tinted film can be applied to the windscreen (except for a thin sun visor strip) or the drivers and front passenger doors. In essence nothing in front of the B post can be treated with tinted films. The Company will accept no responsibility if the Police issue a removal instruction and/or the Company will not be liable for any accident, personal injury or fatality where tinted window film is used on a vehicle.
  • 11. Please note that the vast majority of problems found with Window Films are due to installation error and not product failure. We recommend that customers follow our installation instructions accurately to promote a trouble free product life. This does not affect your statutory rights.
  • 12. By purchasing any product from the Company the buyer is acknowledging and accepting these terms and conditions.
  • Returns & Exchange Policy
  • Returns are for Full unused Rolls ONLY and NOT part lengths (a part length is anything from a 2m kit or where stated as the lowest start length amount to a 29m kit or the last but one highest figure of length).
  • A full roll is considered a full roll based on the last highest figure stated in the length selector or if a roll is stated as being sold as a full single roll item.)
  • Full rolls must be returned in an unused resalable condition within 14 working days from the date of dispatch. For refunds that are not the fault of the company there will be a 20% or £100 re-stocking fee, which ever is the greater. Only unstarted full rolls can be considered for return and NOT cut lengths. In addition to re-stocking fees, the customer is responsible for the shipping charges (delivery and return) except for in the case of defective or damaged product. We will issue a refund, not later than 14 days after receipt.
  • No refunds or exchanges will be made if window film has been cut by the customer, if the backing has been peeled off the window film by the customer or if the film is in a less-than-perfect condition to when it left our warehouse. Once any part has been used we will not accept the remaining film for return or replacement. Full rolls returned must be with a copy invoice or delivery note (as proof of purchase) and in the original packaging. We will offer either a refund or exchange for the goods purchased once an inspection of the goods has been made. This is acceptable provided that all the rules stated above are adhered to. Please note that refunds processed by us must be made to the same credit or debit card as used during purchase. Cash refunds cannot be given. If an item is returned for an exchange and you then decide to return the replacement for a refund you must send the original invoice/delivery note back with the item to which you would like to be refunded. To arrange to return goods contact and we will instruct you of the returns process and refunding procedure.
  • Goods damaged in transit should be signed as 'damaged' and reported to us asap.
  • Please follow the steps below to enable us to process your refund efficiently:
  • 1. Email us giving the reason for the return.
  • 2. Please include your original order confirmation email. If you do not have the original email, please send us a note detailing the reason for the return which should include the order date, your name, contact telephone number & the delivery address.
  • 3. In the case of a faulty product, please provide a full description of the fault.
  • 4. Wrap the item securely in its original packaging, then send the package via a registered-delivery service (so that you have a proof of delivery) to the address below.

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