Heat Reducing Window Films

Reduce Excess Heat!

Keep cool with our range of heat reflecting window films for the home giving you additional UV and anti fade protection.

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Applied window film for heat and glare reduction, reduce uv fading, excellent for glass conservatory roofs.

Solar Control Window Film is the ideal solution!

Heat reflective films are designed to reduce solar heat and glare coming through glass improving and reducing the air temprature of the internal space(s) during summer.

  • Key Benefits of solar control window films are:
  • Thermal control window film.
  • Reduce heat loss in winter.
  • Reduce solar heat during the summer.
  • Reduce glare all year round.
  • Heat control window film can help save energy costs.
  • Reduce air conditioning running costs.

Each window film varies in strength, appearance and performance with our most popular high heat reduction window film being a reflective Silver 20. High performance values and designed to reduce the build up of heat and glare up to 80% while allowing natural light in through the glazing. Existing buildings can be transformed by installing window films.

Film Reflects Heat before it enters the room!

Neutral and silver heat reflective mirror solar control window films will deliver big benefits such as reducing heat, uv and glare and are top in terms of performance for UV anti fade protection at 99% protecting you from the suns harsh rays which can fade your expensive goods.

Silver mirror and our neutral enhancement window films give sharper high definition visual contrast when looking from inside to outside due to glare reduction.

Heat reflective window solar film from Shop4 reduces heat and glare by up to 90% while letting in full daylight, also providing and act as one-way privacy window film.

We guarantee heat, glare and UV reduction when glass is treated with solar window film - see datasheets for each type-grade (20 is the highest performance).

Solar Film is used to control heat!

Heat reflective window films can be used to control heat and glare making work spaces, living spaces, classrooms and laboratories more comfortable in terms of temperature.

Solar Control Window Films can be:

  • Reflective - film reflects heat rather than absorb heat.
  • Non-reflective - the film absorbs heat rather than reflect.
  • Spectrally selective film - designed to reflect heat in certain wavelengths of the light spectrum.
  • Insulating - reflect heat back in during winter.
  • Energy efficient - reduce cooling costs in summer.
  • Tints or colored or mirrored.

Apply window film directly to glass!

Solar window film can be applied to existing glass windows and comes in a range of colours and grades based on performance requirements.

The most popular heat reflective window films are our silver and neutral 20 window tints that are high performance window films allowing clear views out while allowing natural daylight to enter and pass through glass when applied and act like sunglasses for windows.

Heat Reduction as Privacy Film.

Our 20 grade(s) offer the best high performance out of all our solar heat reflective films where a 35 is a medium performance film allowing reduced views inward with clear views out. The 50 grades offer clear views in and out but offer low heat and glare reduction in favour of views both ways and are ideal as a shop window tint.

Obscure glass film - reduce views in!

By obscuring vision with the silver combination heat reduction solar security film valuable equipment or possessions can now be hidden from view ensuring they do not become a target for opportunistic criminals. You can even layer up clear security film with 'silver 20' 55 micron solar/privacy film which will give you all the benefits of security and heat reduction, privacy and one way.

  • Heat reducing window tinting films for home and office.
  • Glare control films for windows, display screens and computer monitors.
  • Glare reduction to soften harsh sunlight.
  • All our Solar and Security Safety window films offer 99% UV protection.
  • Thin and easy to apply silver mirror or neutral window film, hi-performance film.
  • Anti glare reduction by up to 81% - see data for each film type.
  • Will not make the room dark or seem too cold.
  • 20 grades make ideal one way privacy films.
  • All our films are supplied for DIY installation.
  • Polycarbonate film is available for CONSERVATORY plastic and acrylic roof panels

Solar film for conservatories.

Conservatory too hot? is the harsh sunlight too unbearable? is glare preventing or hindering work or reading?. The heat generated by the sun builds up through the day heating rooms and making them uncomfortable and often unusable. An application of window film for glass and polycarbonate conservatory roofs will instantly reduce heat and glare.

As a solar control window film the reflective surface repels solar heat and glare by up to 78% and also stops over 99% of harmful UV rays.

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