Bomb-Blast Protection Window Film

bomb blast Security Film - Applied window film for safety, privacy and security.Windows and glass are weak and dangerous in terms of how glass breaks during an explosion., breaking into small and large shards glass travels at speeds twhich can kill and mame. Glass protection has become an important part of everyday safety and security measures that are designed to minimise the risk of injuries and death caused by glass. Modern buildings make great use of glass and it means they require a more enhanced window film to protect those within as well as those walking past.

Bomb blast window film when applied to glass increases glass strength due to the thicker polyester multi-ply film.

BombBlast protection window films fully comply with British Service recommendations and Ministry of Defence, where the basic MOD level 1 bomb blast window film is a 175 micron 2 ply bombblast mitigation film, to (BS6206 Class A, EN12600 Class 1B). A 175 security window film will reduce the risk of injury to staff and visitors maintaining glass integrity within the frame (edge sealing with a clear silicone may be required.)

As well as providing a protective security 175 micron thick layer of window film to your glass, security films can add an additional security element by blocking vision into your premises by obscuring vision with our silver combination security window films. Valuable equipment or possessions can now be hidden from view ensuring they do not become a target for opportunistic criminals. You can even layer up clear security window film with silver 20 micron solar/privacy window films which will give you all the benefits of security and heat reduction, privacy and oneway.

  • Security window films offer 99% UV protection.
  • 100 micron Glass Clear or Silver mirror Safety film - BS6206 Class B, EN12600 Class 2B.
  • 175 micron Clear Security window film - BS6206 Class A, EN12600 Class 1B.
  • 200+ micron bomb blast security window films are available - Please enquire.
  • Security Window Film is available as a Frosted and Silver Mirror version for added privacy.

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