Buy window film for your conservatory roof

Conservatory window film for Polycarbonate plastic and acrylic panels and roofs, ideal for both glass and polycarbonate.

"I found Shop4windowfilms very helpful in advising the correct film type for my conservatory roof as it is south facing and gets very hot and too bright. We can now sit comfortably and enjoy our space and at such a reasonable cost too!" (see images in polycarbonate)

Irene D. Newton Aycliffe Co Durham. Film Type: Polycarbonate on glass.

Our Conservatory window films will reduce heat and glare entering your conservatory by up to 80%. Make your living space more comfortable with heat reflective conservatory window films and reduce excessive heat and glare.

Conservatory Window Film is the ideal solution!

Conservatory Window Film is a type of solar control window film, specifically designed for residential use. It is a high performance metallized coating, which when applied to polycarbonate or glass roofs prevents to prevent heat from building up by reflecting the suns heat away before it can be transmitted inside!

There are two types of conservatory window films to help reflect heat and glare.

Polycarbonate version for plastic/polycarbonate roofs.
A light grey Vinyl plastic film installed internally to plastic/acrylic roof panels. (can be applied to glass)

Offers high heat, UV and glare reduction.

Provides a better alternative to conservatory blinds and other materials used which were set away from the glass allowing heat to enter to room. Applied directly to glass or polycarbonate the film prevents the steady build of heat entering the building. Does NOT make the space feel cold.

Can be used on both Glass and polycarbonate(s).

Floor surface area in metres sq is usually a good indicator of approximately how much film you will require. We will ask for pictures and some glass measurements to refine a quote.

Glass Only Version conservatory window films.
These are polyester Silver heat reflective or neutral colour films. You can use the polycarbonate film for glass too!.

Do not use our other glass only window film on polycarbonate roofs as it may not work. Our experience tells us that installing glass only film adheres to polycarbonate in a manner which does not allow for easy removal.

Installation: There is no need to remove glass as the film can be applied direct to the glass in the frame.

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