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Online store for supplying window film specialist products dealing with one way vision film, privacy window films, frosted films and vinyls, security and safety window film, frosted and etch full 24 hour privacy films, security bomb blast mitgation film. We have a window film to solve many glass releated issues - heat reflective, anti glare and we can even supply a film to help reduce UV (ultraviolet) fading.

A range of window films to enhance security, increase privacy, give one way vision and reduce heat, fading and be anti glare within the home and office; window films to buy online.

Need a lttile help in choosing a window film? Every building has a different requirement when it comes to selecting window film, but amongst the most common problems when it comes to deciding what film to select is probably based on some of the following.

TOO HOT? | HEAT: The effects of the sun and infra-red radiation can quickly heat up and make premises very uncomfortable. An application of heat reflective solar control window film is an easy and in-expensive way to cut down and reduce heat and glare additionally reducing the build up of sun energy. Need a shop window tinting but want views in and out? Use a 50 Grade window film thats 'lite' in terms of visible light transmission yet reduce just enough heat and glare to keep your shop comfortable.
REDUCE GLARE: Harsh summer and winter sunlight can make working at computer screens difficult and can damage eyesight. We can supply you an anti glare film that can cut glare down by filtering strong sunlight without sacrificing too much natural light. Effectively a mirror reflective film that reduces glare and heat by reflection.

ONE WAY VISION FILM: Views in are often NOT wanted and therefore an application of One Way Privacy Film is required to do a) give you daylight only one way vision (cleary see out but not allow views in!) OR b) give a full privacy effect in nice cool frosts to black and white out window film. At present there are no true night time vision films that allow you to see out while reflecting or blocking vision from the outside as this is due to the film being able to ONLY reflect or give reflections on the surface or side with the greatest light source i.e. Daylight or any night-time light that is greater than any light inside the building. We have a privacy one way vision film that gives privacy through the day allowing you to see out while those looking just see themselves or the background.

    Notes: For One Way Privacy - 'SEE OUT NOT IN' window film.
  • Use Silver or Neutral 20 grade Privacy Window Films.
  • Mirror One Way Window Films.
  • 35 and 50 grades wil not work.
  • Daylight hours only One Way Window Films.
  • For night-time oneway vision see our how to tip.HERE
UV | ANTI FADE: Present in sunlight, UV is electromagnetic radiation and usually invisible until we see the effects over time - burnt red skin, carpets and curtains fading, shop displays seem to loose all colour and worst of all; it all costs to replace. By applying a mirror glass or clear UV window film you can cut UV fading by up to 99% with our uv anti fade film by filtering strong sunlight without sacrificing too much natural light.
PRIVACY WINDOW FILM: Privacy can be an issue for may reasons and includes not wanting to overlooked by neighbours or have views in if living near a pathway. We have a range of privacy window films that either reflect vision in or merely and tastefully totally block views using frost etch film .
SAFETY GLASS WINDOW FILM: Glass is a fragile material and can be dangerous, so concerns for the safety of all who occupy your homes, offices etc are a health and safety priority. We can supply a safety or security film that will protect glass and glazing by keeping broken and shattered glass in place within the frame. .
BOMB-BLAST WINDOW FILM: It may be necesary to utilize a high performance window film for safety and security ensuring you and your staff are completely safe from shattering glass from low impact breakages to explosive damage. We can supply a safety or security film that will protect glass and glazing by keeping broken and shattered glass in place within the frame, increase the time it takes for potential criminals to break and enter via glass and glazed entrances and windows. A safety 100 micron window film will give basic antishatter glass protection to BS standard 6206 class 1B and also bring your glass to building regs14. Security 175 micron film is an MOD level 1 'bomb blast' window glass film which is a 2 ply plastic polyester contructed film and will bring glass to BS 6206 Class 1A . We have 200 micron and can supply thicker 300+ micron thickness security bombblast window films.
Installation: There is no need to remove glass as the film can be applied direct to the glass in the frame.

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