Security Window Films.

Reduce access via glass, glazed doors and windows with our 175 micron anti shatter security film. Comes as clear and/or combination solar silver protection films.

Now your weakest link can be turned into to a source of strength protecting offices, schools and homes from threats such as break-ins and impacts.

Security Window Film is the ideal safety solution!

Security window films are a 2 ply film which is directly applied to existing glass. The main purpose is to create a barrier holding glass fragments in place and within the frame effectively delaying smash and grab opportunities and break-ins.

The delay the attacker(s) will experience is often enough of a deterrent for them to abandon their actions and will give valuable time for the police or security to apprehend the offender(s).

Security window films are tested with bricks, scaffold poles and hammers where the results show an increased time to gain access to premises. See the video link above.

Clear 175 micron security/safety window films increase security and are a cheaper easy solution to replacing old, non secure, glass units with new expensive security glass units.

Security window films fully comply with British service recommendations and Ministry of Defence to 'MOD level 1 bomb blast' window film, and anti fragmentation films to BS6206 Class A, EN12600 Class 1B. They will reduce the risk of injury to staff and visitors while maintaining glass integrity within the frame (edge sealing with a clear silicone may be required if installing externally.)

As well as providing a protective security layer of window film to your glass our security films can add an additional privacy security element by blocking vision into your premises with our silver combination security window film. Valuable equipment or possessions can now be hidden from view ensuring they do not become a target for opportunistic criminals. You can even layer up clear security window film with silver 20 micron solar/privacy window films which will give you all the benefits of security and heat reduction, privacy and one way.

  • Security window films offer 99% UV protection.
  • Security window film is a 2 ply film which is directly applied to existing glass.
  • 100 micron Glass Clear or Silver mirror Safety window film - BS6206 Class B, EN12600 Class 2B.
  • 175 micron Clear Security window film - BS6206 Class A, EN12600 Class 1B.
  • Security Window Films are available as a Silver Mirror version for added privacy.

Whether your projects require you comply with building safety regulations or you are looking to child proof your home, you can increase the physical security of a building or lessen the effects of vandalism via glass then security window films are the answer.

Buy online or call today to find out more about our secure glass film from shop4 window films - the market leader for window film in the UK

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